Kanye West accuses Kim Kardashian of not letting him take his kids to church

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the problems between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian they have no end. Weekend, Peter Davidsoncurrent boyfriend of the socialite responded for the first time to the rapper’s threats in public and even sent him a controversial message that read: “I’m in bed with your wife”referring to the businesswoman.

From that revelation Kanye West continued with the posts constants in against Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidsonand recently the singer shared the capture of a magazine publication “Ok Magazine”, in which you can read as a headline:

“Please stop with this narration, you were here this morning picking up the kids for school”a statement from the businesswoman against her ex-husband.

To the, kanye-west He accused the outlet of making him look “crazy” and of pointing out his comments as “wild claims” on social media. So she wrote: “Ok ok Magazine what do you mean wild claims? My children were not allowed to go to Sunday service yesterday and there were several occasions when schedules changed at the last minute“.

He continued: “Which turned me away as a father, which is illegal thank God. my family is broken. My name has been dragged and dropped. The boyfriend has been trying to play me since snl parodies They called me a random stalker.”

“There have been multiple attempts to gas me, SKETE called this person ‘legally single’ my wife. I’m not augmented, I successfully avoided doing anything that would give them a reason to put a restraining order on me,” she said.

Kanye West on Instagram.

Kanye West is not willing to put up with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s game

He added: “she believes that It’s fun trying to push myself to the limitbut I didn’t let them. They can’t judge my state of well-being based on the amount of time I leave an Instagram post or me using my platform to make sure I stay consistent in my kids’ lives. A lot of moms play like this all over the world.”

To end the post, Kanye West asked Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson stop playing with him: “But no one can play with me or my children. I know Kim and SKETE are pawns in a bigger game. Lord, forgive them.”

“I made those videos because ignored my text about taking my kids to church and then her boyfriend texted me and bragged to say who was in bed with ‘my wife’. Then he told me that ‘he could help me,'” she concluded.

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