Kanye West covers up graffiti at Yeezy’s LA headquarters as workers are seen in abandoned building

Kanye West has tasked his team with covering up graffiti after vandals spray-painted his Yeezy headquarters in Los Angeles as he is out of the country for several months.

The 46-year-old has been traveling in countries such as Italy and Saudi Arabia and appears to have abandoned plans to use the huge rented space on Melrose Avenue.

Kanye West has been out of the country for months amid his musical comebackCredit: Getty
Workers at Yeezy headquarters were seen placing boxes in the back of a white vanCredit: The US Sun
This brown building has no front doors or windows and is only accessible from the back entranceCredit: The US Sun

A source tells The US Sun that the music star only hosted the odd event at the property in West Hollywood as her plans to bring back her fashion brand appear to be on hold.

New exclusive photos show the location is still being used by the star as graffiti has been removed and workers were seen removing items from a van.

An insider said two or three employees working on sewing machines came into the 7,400-square-foot showroom last week, a sign that Kanye may be moving back to the city.

It is still filled with storage objects and huge unfinished wooden structures.

A source close to Kanye told The US Sun that the venue was initially used for secret fashion events, awkward Sunday Service performances and private movie nights.

It was said that it was more of a “multi-purpose venue” for shoppers than a store, as he was working with American Apparel founder Dov Charney.

Kanye, who self-cancelled following his anti-Semitic comments about the Jewish community, has seen his career deteriorate over the past year.

music comeback

In November, the rapper and entrepreneur was dropped by everyone from his talent agency CAA to big-name fashion brands like Adidas, Gap, and Baleniaga. Even JPMorgan Chase Bank parted ways with him.

The hitmaker claimed he lost ‘$2 billion in one day’ and faces increasing legal battles.

Sources say Kanye is desperate to get things moving again and relaunch his Yeezy brand, as well as release an album with his longtime collaborator Ty Dollar $ign.

He left Track Vultures this month and sources say he is fully focused on his career despite his marriage to Bianca Sensori being in jeopardy.

According to the insider, the pair are currently on a break due to increasing pressure from her family over his controlling behavior and telling her what to wear and what to eat.

A recent fan photo on Instagram saw her without her wedding ring while Bianca spends time with family and friends in Australia.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Adidas is considering writing off $320 million worth of unsold Yeezy shoes for the third release since parting ways with the star.

The first release sold millions and a portion of the organization’s profits were donated to groups fighting anti-Semitism.

fashion chaos

The New York Times also spoke to several people involved in Kanye’s business dealings with Adidas for a recent exposé titled Kanye and Adidas: Money, Abuse and the Price of Appeasement.

The outlet claimed he drew the swastika on the shoe out of frustration during a meeting several years before his anti-Semitic public protests.

He also reportedly advised a Jewish Adidas manager to kiss a picture of Hitler every day.

A representative for Kanye did not respond to requests from The Times or The US Sun for comment.

Kanye is said to be still working with Dov Chaney, who is no stranger to controversy as the Canadian entrepreneur and clothing manufacturer was fired by the American Apparel Board in 2014.

He was accused of approving a number of alleged failures, including misusing company money, violating the company’s sexual harassment policy, and offering significant severance packages without the board in charge.

“I want everyone to know that I’m not a ‘sleaze king,'” Charney later told ABC News in an exclusive interview. “‘The Sleaze King’ is another guy.

“All the allegations made against me are nonsense. There are allegations… we have resolved them. None of them – none of these allegations – have ever been proven,” he said, noting that some of the lawsuits were settled was granted while others were rejected.

A Barco UDX projector is seen being removed from space by workersCredit: The US Sun
The rented area has barely been used as Kanye remains out of the country working on new musicCredit: The US Sun
His marriage with second wife Bianca Censori is reportedly in trouble amid her family’s concerns about himCredit: Getty

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