Kanye West marries two months after signing divorce with Kim Kardashian

Kanye West He has undoubtedly been one of the most talked about people this 2022. And it is that the rapper has given a lot to talk about with the controversies that he has starred in Twitter, his commented words defending Adolf Hitler or the enormous debt he maintains with the Treasury US.

Finally, the year ended completely missing, but literally, since no one knew anything about his whereabouts.

Until now, because in recent weeks he has been seen walking through Los Angeles and very well accompanied by a mysterious woman. It has been the famous North American portal TMZ who has released the news that he would not only have started a relationship but that he would have already gone through the altar.

Something that is really surprising since only two months ago he signed his divorce with kim kardashian.

Is about Bianca Censoria young designer and architect who has worked for Kanye for the past few years, taking care of architectural design within the musician’s company, Yeezy.

secret wedding

It seems that the couple would have performed an intimate ceremony, but although they have exchanged vows, they have not yet requested a marriage license.

Although sources close to him assure that he speaks of her as his ‘wifey’ (little woman), in addition to wearing his wedding ring.

Last Monday, both were last seen eating in Beverly Hills. Since the news has come to light, they say that the young woman has been forced to radically change her appearance due to her resemblance to Kim Kardashian and thus be able to avoid comparisons. While she used to sport long brown hair, she now sports a platinum blonde cut.

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