Kanye West no longer follows Nicki Minaj on social networks, and that’s the drama

They may have multiplied artistic collaborations in the early 2010s, now, nothing go more Between Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

Kanye West doesn’t let anything pass

Passing by the festival Gasoline Fest on July 1, Nicki Minaj will have marked the spirits as much for her performance on stage as for this tackle struck live at Kanye West. When playing his title Monster in front of the public, the rapper will cut the passage of Kanye West, slipping a murderous comment in stride: “A monster, after all! But I don’t hang out with clowns. » It was enough to bring out this underlying clash, opposing for many years Ye and Minaj. Visibly pissed off, West will for once not have used his social networks to let off steam on his colleague. Instead, the man will decide to unfollow Nicki on Instagram. A decision that ultimately makes almost as much noise as a frontal attack.

Behind the scenes, it is reported that the interpreter of Trollz made this comment against Kanye West because of his participation in Cardi B’s latest title, hot shitwith which Minaj does not have the most serene relationship.

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