Kanye West Sparks Outrage With ‘White Lives Matter’ T-Shirt, Gigi Hadid Crops It

Outbursts and scandals are the daily bread of rapper Kanye West. Her new appearance during Paris Fashion Week was naturally accompanied by a new controversy. On Monday, October 3, Kanye West offered fashion lovers who came in large numbers to Paris a small parade on Avenue de la Grande Armée. Among the creations, a black T-shirt with the white inscription on the back, “White lives matter” (“white lives matter) stood out for all the wrong reasons…
This political slogan, used by the American conservative right, is a reference to the “Black lives matter” movement which protested against racism and police violence affecting black people. A current that is particularly important since the death of George Floyd in 2020. Some Republican or even more conservative activists, from the white community, regularly hijack this slogan to defend their ideologies: “Blue lives matter” to support the forces of order, “White lives matter” to imply the existence of an “anti-white racism” or “All lives matter” to drown the fight of black people in universalism.

Kanye West’s t-shirt, who has never hid from supporting the political agenda of personalities like Donald Trump, has aroused the excitement of witnesses and personalities. The journalist from vogue Gabriella Karefa Johnson called Kanye West’s behavior “indefensible”. Will Smith’s son, Jaden, left the parade. But the most direct and harsh person towards the rapper has been superstar model Gigi Hadid. When Kanye West responded to the journalist, the model came to her defense to crucify the rapper on social media.

“You wish you had a percentage of his intellect. You have no idea haha… If any of your shit has any interest, she could be the only person who could save you, writes Gigi Hadid. As if ‘ the honour’ of being invited to your parade should prevent someone from giving their opinion? Lol. You are a bully and a joke.

“I’ve tried not to publicize this guy but harassing a woman who criticizes his work like this is beyond ridiculous to me,” she wrote. “If you can’t take the criticism, especially if it’s soft, nuanced, like Gabriella Karefa-Johnson’s, so don’t publicize your work. This behavior is immature“, she completed on Instagram. The magazine vogue also issued a statement to defend his journalist and condemn the harassment of which she was the victim after the messages of Kanye West and his fans.

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