Kanye West sues builder for not complying with the design of his Malibu home

Kanye West’s vision for his Malibu home included a unique design that resembled a 1910s bomb shelter, according to a lawsuit filed by a construction consultant. The artist, who legally changed his name to Ye in 2021, wanted the house to have no windows and no electricity. Instead, he wanted a space filled with plants, candlelight, and battery-powered lights.

Production consultant Tony Saxon claims he was abused while working with Kanye. Supposedly, he slept on the floor and was only paid for a week’s work. Additionally, Saxon reported that Kanye would often change his demands, making unreasonable requests and then suddenly changing his mind.

Kanye purchased the Malibu home, originally designed by Tadao Ando, ​​for $57 million in September 2021. According to Saxon, Kanye’s goal was to create a bomb shelter-like structure where he could escape and “hide from the Clintons and the Kardashians”. ,

At first, Saxon believed that Kanye’s design idea was an art project rather than an actual living space. He expressed his disbelief by sharing a post on Instagram that included a photo of where he slept while working on the project.

The lawsuit filed by Saxon is not the only legal problem Kanye is facing. A group of teachers from his now-closed private school, Donda Academy, has also filed a lawsuit, alleging unsafe conditions in the school buildings, among other issues.


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