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Kanye West has made an important decision regarding his future with his new wife Bianca Censori. The rapper would have decided to formally introduce his eldest daughter North, to his spouse, despite the fact that this might not go down well with the little girl’s mother, Kim Kardashian.

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As is known, West was always critical of exposing his children to his mother’s former partner, that is, Pete Davidson; However, now he could have changed his mind according to reports from different media such as ‘Yahoo’.

He introduced his daughter North

According to this portal, Kanye and his little girl were seen taking a walk through the Universal Studios theme park, and Bianca was next to them. Although the singer tried to go unnoticed with a dark cap, however, some witnesses managed to recognize him.

It should be noted that, since his divorce with Kim Kardashian and despite still keeping an eye on his love life, West has never stopped hanging out with different women in recent months.

In fact, the political activist has also been linked to Julia Fox, in addition to other figures such as the influencer Chaney Jones, and also the Brazilian model Juliana Nalú, before surprisingly discovering her marriage to the designer Bianca Censori in January.

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