Kardashian Fans Laugh at Kylie Jenner After Spotting ‘Embarrassing’ Blunder in New Kylie Baby Ad – Can You See It?

KYLIE Jenner has been mocked by fans for a notable mistake in her new Kylie Baby ad.

The announcement, shared on the brand’s official Instagram page, caused a stir with viewers in the comments.

The ad featured a children's range detangling hairbrush with a missing bristle


On Thursday, Kylie’s company posted a snap of a child’s blue hairbrush with the Kylie Baby logo on it.

The brush rested on a rolled up sky blue bath towel sewn with a white cloud pattern.

The props were placed above a blue table for the close-up to match the color palette.

The caption shared the highlights of the detangling hairbrush, including its suitability for various hair textures and its ease of use for both dry and damp hair.

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However, some subscribers took issue with the announcement, pointing out that the paintbrush was missing a bit.

“It really bothers me that the brush is missing a hair,” one person commented.

“12 bucks with a [bristle] missing,” another remarked.

“THERE IS A HOLE IN THE MIDDLE!” said a third.

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“Imagine an advertisement with a missing hair,” complained a fourth.

“Am I the only one hyper-obsessed with this missing piece? rang in a fifth.

“If you will see [the] previous post of this brush, it has no holes or missing pieces…. another added.

Others called the flub “embarrassing” and begged the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sibling to “do better.”

Others defended the supposed accident, saying the hair was missing on purpose.

“For those who say it’s missing a hair/hole, it’s supposed to be there,” one fan offered.

“Guys, the hole is not a hair missing. It’s for air,” someone else explained.


Kylie received backlash earlier this week for another ad promoting the kids’ line.

The ad featured model Kylie with her 4-year-old daughter, Stormi.

Stormi perched on her mother’s lap as Kylie applied lotion to the toddler’s thigh.

The mother-daughter duo seemed to be sitting on cloud nine, with Kylie donning a form-fitting pastel blue strapless dress and Stormi rocking a blue dress.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder styled her long black hair in loose waves, and her daughter had her curly locks pulled back into a ponytail.

Stormi looked adoringly to the side as Kylie focused her attention on rubbing the lotion on the toddler.

Many of the products in the range were displayed alongside them in pastel blue and pink packaging.

They captioned the post: “Kylie Baby is coming to the UK! Launching at @theofficialselfridges this Thursday September 1st. »


The photo sparked outrage from fans who wondered why she left her nearly 7-month-old son out of the ad campaign.

“Where is the little boy?” asked one commenter.

“Where’s the new baby?” echoed another.

Kylie shares Stormi and her newborn baby with rapper Travis Scott, 31.

Although they regularly share photos of Stormi on social media, Kylie and Travis have kept their youngest child out of the spotlight.

They have yet to share the little one’s face, although they have posted snaps of his feet and hands online.

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The couple also haven’t revealed their son’s name since changing it from their original choice, Wolf.

Meanwhile, Stormi often appears in photos of her mother while Kylie promotes her many business ventures.

Kylie was recently criticized for excluding her newborn son in a Kylie Baby commercial where she modeled with her daughter, Stormi


Kylie shares her two children with rapper Travis Scott


Stormi regularly appears in Kylie's social media posts, though she has yet to post anything about her son


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