Kardashian Fans Mock Kendall Jenner’s ‘Weird’ Feet in Bizarre New Photos

KARDASHIAN fans have been buzzing about Kendall Jenner’s feet after the model appeared in new photos wearing unusual shoes.

This isn’t the first time fans have focused on the Kardashian star’s feet.

The star stepped out showing her toes in gold shoes with an eerie detail


Kendall, 26, was spotted in New York in an unusual outfit.

The booze mogul walked around the Big Apple wearing a black jumpsuit with pointed gold circles on her breasts.

She paired the look with gold-toed shoes, which, while subtle, caught the eye of some onlookers.

Fans flocked to Reddit to share the snaps and discuss Kendall’s unusual toes.

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The original poster kicked things off by writing, “What’s she wearing on her feet?!?!? »

One user joked, “They remind me of the Egyptian gold stalls housed at the MET. »

Several others noted that the look of the shoes, as well as the jumpsuit, is something the brand she wears is known for.

“Schiaparelli is a design house that plays with exaggerated, structured silhouettes,” one fan shared.

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Earlier this summer, fans once again noticed something odd about Kendall’s feet.


In July, Kendall posted a series of tropical vacation snaps.

Although she showed off her body in a bikini, fans could only focus on her feet.

The Victoria’s Secret model was seen posing on a boat and enjoying a sunset surrounded by palm trees.

In one photo, Kendall stretched out her legs as she sat on the deck of the boat.

KUWTK fans claimed in an online thread that the photos had been “photoshopped” because Kendall’s toes appeared “strange and long.”

One fan said: “I couldn’t help but notice how long her toes are. »

Another fan said, “The length of her toes scares me. »

A third fan mentioned, “The girl is about three meters tall. Of course, his fingers and toes will be long. »

A fourth person chimed in: “Did we get confirmation from Kenny’s foot surgeon? Asking me. »

Kendall’s feet have been a topic of conversation in the past, even among her family members.


In April, the star poked fun at her feet after sharing photos on Instagram.

She captioned the snap: “Block all toe comments. »

Sister Kylie Jenner commented on a series of laughing emojis, then wrote, “I love them. »

Khloe Kardashian then replied, “Hahahahaha even from me??? »

She then added, “I love your freaky ** toes. »

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Kendall’s mother, Kris Jenner, added, “God, I love you. »

The photo has since been deleted from her Instagram.

Fans noted that the shoes were designed by a brand that exaggerates certain features


Kendall's toes have dominated conversation in the past


Several family members mocked her toes online


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