Kardashian Fans Think Kylie Jenner’s Baby Daddy Travis Scott Is Unrecognizable With Rare Smile And Shave In New Video

KARDASHIAN fans can’t stop talking about a new video of Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, Travis Scott, looking unrecognizable.

The rapper sports a drastically different look in the clip.

The rapper flashed a rare smile and shaved his face


Travis recently took to his Instagram story to share a face-on video with his followers.

In the clip, he looked directly at the camera as he sat in what appeared to be a car.

The Texas native smiled — something he doesn’t often do on social media — as he shook his head slightly.

Fans couldn’t help but notice that in addition to showing off his pearly whites, Travis appeared to be clean-shaven — another rarity for him.

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Her video made its way to Reddit, where commenters weighed in on her new look.

Several fans shared GIFs echoing the same sentiment: “Who is this? »

“I feel like I’ve never seen him smile,” wrote another fan.

A third fan commented: ‘Oh he got a clean shave’ to which someone else replied, ‘it made me google Travis Scott’s beard and it looks so much better on him , I guess he shaves her because she is uneven. »

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Although they noted how drastically different the look was, many were kind in their comments.

“Looks good here,” one person wrote.

Another fan commented, “He…isn’t ugly. »

“I think he is handsome,” another commenter wrote.

Despite the kind words about his appearance, fans had a lot of negative things to say about Travis.


The musician was slammed for making an NSFW comment about Kylie while wishing her a happy birthday.

The rapper posted a picture of himself with Kylie on his Instagram Stories and wrote, “This is the look I want now. »

The snap showed Kylie staring straight ahead while wearing a silver hooded top from their recent trip to London.

The other slides included one of Kylie’s cleavage and another of her looking at the camera while sticking her butt.

Kardashian fans were less than impressed with Travis for ‘sexualizing’ his baby mama on her 25th birthday.

One of them shared his post on Reddit and wrote: “As always, it had to be sexual. They sexualize everything they do. »

Another added, “Last slide is ultra creaky,” while a third posted, “Yuck yuck. »

Yet another user commented, “It’s cringe, he’s 31 and doesn’t know how to sincerely wish. »

Kylie pulled out all the stops for her 25th birthday on Wednesday night.

The reality TV star treated her guests to a sumptuous dinner, a huge rainbow cake and ended the evening with an extravagant fireworks display.

Fans also slammed him and Kylie, accusing them of faking their relationship.


The drama began after Kylie posted the photos to her Instagram account, but fans believe there are telltale signs the relationship is a sham.

The Hulu star referenced the rap star’s fourth album, writing, “Utopia with you.”

Hundreds of fans commented on The Kardashians star’s latest post on a social media forum.

The majority say it looks like Kylie and Travis’ body language is forced.

One fan wrote, “It feels like all of this content is trying to normalize their relationship, distract from Astroworld and set up an engagement announcement. Expect something within a month or two. »

“He literally has his eyes covered instead of looking at her,” wrote another, referring to the rapper’s visor.

Another fan wrote, “I have never seen anything lacking in chemistry and passion for each other as so boring. »

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One fan pleaded, “Kylie, stop trying to get Travis to happen. It won’t happen. »

“It all feels too forced and fake for me,” said another.

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While some think they pack too much PDA, others claim their romance is fake


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