Karen: Justice has not been served even after a year of transfemicide; They protested in front of the prosecutor’s office

one year ago, anna karen Sánchez Álvarez was murdered while she was on Paseo Tolocan; However, the investigation has not progressed further so transfeminicide continues without punishment. This was condemned by the LGBTQIA+ community, who demonstrated in front of the Attorney General’s office this Sunday. Justice Toluca in the State of Mexico.

Karen I was 21 years old, an immigrant, and an activist as I participated in research to create better health policies for the community. transIn addition to being part of the sports team of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico.

“We are demanding that the case be clarified and expedited because today it has been a year and we have not seen any progress, we do not know whether any culprits have already been identified and whether There is an arrest warrant,” Sharon commented. Hernandez, member of RealTrans. AC

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To put pressure on the authorities to provide answers regarding the murder investigation file KarenMembers of various LGBTTTIQA+ groups such as Fuera del Closet and Realiatrans blocked Morelos Avenue this Sunday afternoon.

He transfemicide Of Karen

Night of 12th November 2022, Karen He was working on Paseo Tolocan, in the area of ​​the Toluca Bus Terminal, when they opened fire on him from a moving car.

He was shot dead at around 2:30 that Saturday, one of which hit him in the chest. His body was found lying at the intersection of Emiliano Trejo and Paseo Tolocan, in front of a furniture store.

“I was with some colleagues, when we arrived, unfortunately he had already died Karen, She was from Michoacán and because we are not direct relatives, they do not give us information; However, we are in touch with his mother, but since she is far away, she cannot visit so often.

FGJEM does not have protocols

For Ernesto Montes de Oca, secretary of the Fuera del Closet, the lack of protocols on the part of FGJEM to care for victims in the community. trans Due to which no result was found in the investigation.

“Transfeminicides are not classified in the penal code; However, we have a criminal offense of femicide and murders of trans women should be investigated from a gender perspective. This is due to the lack of awareness and training of FGJEM personnel on the topic of sexual and gender diversity.

transfeminicides in toluca

Data from the National Observatory of Hate Crimes against people from the LGBTTTQA+ community indicates that there will be three murders of women in 2022 trans In the state of Mexico.

However, and despite demands, it has not been possible to classify the crime in the Penal Code of the State of Mexico transfemicide as a hate crime for its respective qualitative and statistical analysis.

“It was a woman trans Migrants and sex workers living in Toluca. the story of Karen This is one of many that are repeated across the country. “Hate takes lives, but it also takes dreams and projects.”

Life expectancy trans

The life expectancy of an individual is between 35 to 40 years. transsexualWomen in particular, because the discrimination they suffer can lead them to commit suicide, or put them at risk of being murdered. transphobic, This comes from a study by the local office of reproductive health including HIV/AIDS of the Student Health Organization.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Public Health Committee of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMEX) records that 24.1% of the total population trans Chooses to commit suicide.

they demand Justice For Karen

Amidst the opposition, he said that it is not only necessary to do this Justice in the matter of KarenBut in all the diversity of those who are victims of hate crimes, always with unrestricted observance of human rights and with action protocols that allow victims or relatives, as the case may be, to be protected by the authorities. And are not re-victimized in the process.


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