Karma for Martino, to collect 12 million in El Tri, what he would win in Paraguay

The karma for Martino after the failure with the Tri
The karma for Martino after the failure with the Tri

And the life of Rey ended for coach Gerardo Martino, who disputed an onerous salary in the Mexican team during the Qatar 2022 process, now in the interest of Paraguay, the strategist had a much lower salary.

According to the newspaper AS, Gerardo Martino reached a figure of 3.05 million dollars per year, that is, 12.2 million dollars for the 4 years of the World Cup process, however, not even Paraguay would have that figure, since it would hardly be able to win $6 million ($1.5 million per year), according to Salary Sports.

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Thus Gerardo Martino could start a new World Cup cycle but without enjoying the benefits he had with the Mexican team where at the time he had a private plane to travel to Argentina to visit his relatives.

Did you sell the match against Argentina?

One of Gerardo Martino’s most controversial matches was the one against the Argentina team on the second day of the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. Al Tata was accused of ‘selling the party’ according to Álvaro Morales.

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