Karol G breaks a new record in his career and J Balvin congratulates him

Mr. Carol, Who created a controversy a few days ago when he was seen without the tattoo in whose honor he got the tattoo done. anuel comeNow celebrating another victory in his career.

The singer broke her own attendance record this weekend at The Cotton Bowl in Dallas, where she performed to nearly 70,000 people.

“Thank you Dallas… We were almost 70,000 and that’s by far the biggest concert I’ve played in a single night of my career… What a blessing!” Karol ji has written about a video in his Instagram stories where you can see the people who attended the concert.

Karol G celebrates breaking the presentation record in Dallas, Texas.Karol G/Instagram

His achievement inspired his friend and colleague Jay Blavin She also made a revelation in her stories to celebrate the interpreter of ‘Provence’: “In the last 30 years, no woman had achieved this record, Karol G. What a pride!” I always knew it was just a matter of time. Karol G + 68,914″, the singer wrote alongside a picture in which the stadium is full.

J Balvin congratulated his compatriot on his achievement.J Balvin/Instagram

Caroline GiraldoThe real name of the Colombian, as part of her tour has visited Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Clara, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami and other US cities. Travel ‘Manana Serra Bonito’, dates that keep his followers in droves and this Sunday, September 2, helped him break a new record in his career in the city of Dallas, Texas.

In almost three hours of the show, Karol G sang his biggest hits like ‘La Tusa’, ‘Bichota’, ‘El Makinon’, ‘TQG’, ‘Se Didio Tudo’, ‘Amargura’ and many more. 68,914 present.

Colombian productions have featured celebrities from the entertainment industry Sofia Vergara, Carmen Villalobos, Natti Natasha, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez, who raised suspicions of collaboration with Karol ji, among others.

Karol ji thanked his fans for their support.Karol G/Instagram

This victory in her career joins several others, such as becoming the first female singer to reach number one on the Billboard 200 list with an album entirely in Spanish, in addition, Karol G has topped the Billboard Hot 100 in Spanish. Posted two songs and was the artist. With the most nominations in a single year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

It also holds the record for the most played Spanish album on Spotify in the first 24 hours of its release, and the most played Spanish album in a week.

However, Carole G also faces a million dollar lawsuit for singing ‘Don’t Be Shy,’ because Cuba rene lorente Evidence was found that ‘La Bichota’ stole the music of their song ‘Something Different’ to use it as the basis for their song. Dj Tiesto,

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