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First Carroll G. took the stage in front of a packed stadium Pasadena Rose Bowl friday night, the grave voice of Morgan Freeman Told the audience story time. His statement, together with a Animated short with similar cartoon characters found on the cover of their fourth studio album tomorrow will be betterit was about a Mermaid named Carolina (Carol’s real name),

during the three hours that followedKarol G puts on a powerful performance where everything from young girls in big pink wigs to the plus size Latina generation Groups of women aged 20, 30 and 40received their Songs of Empowerment and Femininity Like a sermon to sing with all your heart. historic success of tomorrow will be betterThe first Spanish-language album by a woman to top the Billboard album charts, became a tangible living experiencedetails in a review Diversity,

Karol seemed to have a clear understanding of that concept. it started with fire tqg Dedicated to him and Shakira too stitch (Nicki Minaj) To the sea of ​​Los Angeles. He added many more emotional songs like ocean of 2019, which he dedicated to the fans, or Wedwhich got a touch of bossa-nova at the hands of her all-female band.


Selena Gomez, Fade and Ecuador’s Michela Pinké were among the celebrities who sang Karol G’s songs at his debut concert in Los Angeles.

He also fully embraced his recently released ‘Bichota Season’ which includes remixes and new songs, Okay all right, Clona And Available with the rise of the rapper young miko, who opened the show with the same gusto as the Colombian. Karol also played my ex was right a cumbia that he dedicated to the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla, It was part of the section dedicated to his Mexican discography, which includes 200 cups And gucci clothing,

“This is the first show that sold out”Karol told the crowd at Friday’s concert, his Colombian singing accent slipping through his huge smile. “He assured us that in addition to a date, we can do two nights here.”

Colombian singer Karol G performs during her “Manana Serra Bonito” tour at the Rose Bowl on August 18, 2023 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Robin Beck / AFP)
Photo: AFP

Ecuadorians on Karol G’s tour!: Photographer Fra will be part of the “tour”, tomorrow will be beautiful

just before the end of the show, carol fell to her knees, and just seconds before she covered her face, fans saw her nose crinkle and tears well up. Putting the microphone back to his lips, his knees still on the floor, he explained: “Many years ago, when I was at home, watching all my favorite artists (perform)… I wondered how I would get there., And I know they call me a crybaby, but I don’t care.” He raised his hand to the crowd and said, “Look at this.”

On the American campus, groups of people were flashing their Latin flags: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and others, all in one place. Before getting up again, Karol laughed and attributed his surging emotions to an addiction to alcohol taken after “200 cups”. He left the stage just as the fireworks went off Provence, Bichota season is in full swing. (And)

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