Karol G shows even her tonsils in a revealing translucent fishnet mini dress

the gorgeous bug, Carol Gexhibited his most hidden side through a hot photograph in which he even showed tonsils in revealing sheer mini dress network. The singer of Colombian origin paralyzed the network with her beauty and her curves, where she highlighted her great “peach”.

It was through his Instagram stories that Carol G She did not hesitate to delight all her fans with a daring outfit with which she proved why she is the favorite of many, and that, in addition to being a star, she is also a beauty.

The dress worn by the interpreter of the tusa, 200 Cups and I don’t wish you badconsisted of a super short and revealing design, thanks to its translucent mesh fabric with small diamond inlays, which highlighted and adorned her trser0, which did not cover her tiny undergarment.

Carol G She appears sitting in the back of a car, turning back and showing off her fluffy and very long hair, as well as her intense red lips, which made her makeup stand out.

Without a doubt, the rapper’s ex Anuel AA sighed among Instagram users, celebrating that he is about to start his tour of Latin America, which includes his time in Mexico in Guadalajara, CDMX and Monterrey, whose tickets are already sold out.

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His fight against criticism

Believe it or not, despite the fact that she is considered one of the most harassed and hottest women in music in Latin America, Carol G She has had to deal with criticism and ridicule for her body, which has not stopped, but according to the 31-year-old singer, now more than ever she has been able to face it.

the bichota He assured that thanks to the fact that he learned to promote his self-esteem and to love himself as he is, it is how he has been able to avoid the comparisons and the cruelty that exists in social networks with reference to his physique, after a stormy sentimental relationship, which many assumed, went with the singer Anuel AA.

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Since he returned to singleness, Carol G has shown greater maturity, despite the fact that they constantly compare her to other women, in this case, with the rapper’s new partner, Yailín the most viral, focusing on herself and encouraging her fans to take care of themselves, regardless of the what will others say?

Meanwhile, the interpreter of Mommy He enjoys his singleness to the fullest, showing it through his videos, in which he appears from party to party, sharing unforgettable moments with his friends, while Anuel faces criticism and attacks for new scandals, including the alleged paternity of a baby who is on the way with one of his ex-partners.

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