Karol G’s dental floss makes a fan in Peru ask her: “Do you want to be my baby?”

Karol G at the Latin Billboard Music Awards 2021.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. /Getty Images

Everyone is waiting to see what color it will be the dental floss what do i get Carol G in your next presentation. Although the designs you have for the Bichota Tour Reloaded they are very similar, a new color is always released in each city and its most ardent followers wait for it. This time he touched the color red and it wreaked havoc among those present.

In his most recent presentation in Area 1 Costa Verde in Lima a fan dared to ask him a question of love: “Do you want to be my baby?”. Carol G read the question from the stage wearing of course the dental floss that made thousands of fans fall for his charms and talent. for almost two hours the bichota conquered the public Peru in his second performance.

The first day was a bit rough. fans of Carol G, in the middle of the emotion, they argued about the queue and access to the place causing a case that got out of control. Security guards had to intervene. Fortunately, this was just a hiccup. The public that attended to see the bichota in Peru was able to access the venue and enjoy Carol G and her band of female musicians alongside her amazing dancers.

days before in Ecuador Another mishap occurred, but already in the middle of the concert. Carol G had to pause. As she explained, from the stage she could see how there were people affected by tear gas. Immediately, the Colombian made a public and concerted call to the security forces.

Swipe right. Images of the concert of Karol G.

There is no doubt that to Carol G Not only does her beauty and talent make her great, but also her good heart. Recently, her mother said that the most precious talent that her daughter has is precisely her humility. She herself that she has left demonstrated in all the noble causes to which she not only the bichota helps financially, but also assists those places to provide a moment of joy to those most in need, especially in Colombiahis native country.

As for his heart, the rumors of a possible relationship with the also reggaeton singer pheid. However, he denied the same in an interview and said that “provence” had not been dedicated to him. As we had already told you before, some small “coincidences” suggest that, if they do not have a relationship, most likely a romance could have developed in the past.

The truth is pheid He will also go on tour but headed to Europe and has a new song that premiered just hours called “Ferxxo 100“. For now, we leave you the success of Carol G with the Colombian Feid “FRIKI” for you to enjoy.

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