Karyme Lozano returns to soap operas after a long absence

Karyme Lozano returns to soap operas after a long absence and with it, resumes his successful career as actress in Mexican melodramas. Known for her work in stories like “The Spring” Y “My beloved girl”, Karyme will make this 2022 her great return to television.

It was almost 10 years ago when Karyme Lozano made her last telenovela, “I want to love you” next to Cristián de la Fuente and later announced that he would stay away from melodramas for refusing to do kissing and bed scenes.

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Although at the time Karyme Lozano was heavily criticized, the actress remained true to her position and focused on her faith, she managed an independent career as an actress, producer and writer. She was recently in the city of Mazatlan making a movie and was delighted by the public’s affection.

Now at 44 years old and as beautiful as ever Karyme Lozano returns to Mexican television with the telenovela “Mi secreto”, the new version of the great classic “An intruder has arrived” and that recently introduced its main cast.

Karyme Lozano will join Arturo Peniche, Eric del Castillo and Fernando Ciangherotti as part of the mature cast, while the protagonists of the story will be Diego Klein and Macarena Garcíabecoming one more bet for new faces of Televisa.

Karyme Lozano, an unforgettable talent

Though Karyme Lozano She had been away from soap operas for several years, it is clear that the public remembers her well, since the repetitions of her TV soaps such as “El manantial” and “Niña amada mía”, were among the most viewed on the Tlnovelas channel and in various parts of the world.

Though Karyme Lozano She was a much loved protagonist, she also showed us her villainous side and confirmed that her talent has different facets. It is not yet known what role she will play in “My secret” but her followers are happy to see her back and she simply shared on social networks that this Monday was one of new opportunities, for which she was very grateful.

“My secret”, the telenovela with which Karyme Lozano will make her great return to Mexican television will premiere in September, in the place currently occupied by “Corazón Guerrero” in the Stars channel.

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