Kate Beckinsale wore an incredible dress in honor of Titanic for Leonardo DiCaprio’s anniversary

Kate Beckinsale shines at Leonardo DiCaprio’s annual gala in Beverly Hills for 49 years. Actress Arborite une robe embellishment qui semblat etre un clin d’oeil au film emblematic de l’actor, Titanic. For the occasion, the actress wore a black velor mini dress adorned with a really impressive blue diamond. Rappler would not have an amazing look without Bijoux from James Cameron’s film “Cure de l’Ocean”.

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One piece that still remains is a figure from The Blonds’ Automation 2023 collection. La pierre bleu presente sur la robe n’est d’alleurs pas la replica exact, puisque l’original est en forme de coeur. Others thought the actress was making a reference to the generic film, “The Aviator”. More precisely, in the next scene, in the role of Ava Gardner, she declares “Je ne suis pas a vendre” En refusant un collier en saphir offert for Howard Hughes, personnage jouette to Leonardo DiCaprio. When I fell asleep, I was anxious to see my act as a fantastic feeling, and I looked like an adventurer. Elle n’état bien évidence pas la seul log presente pour cette soirée d’anniversaire. Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Tobey Maguire, Taika Waititi and Axl Rose are also part of the guest list.

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