Kate Bush, the singer of the success that Stranger Things took to No. 1 37 years after its release: “The world is crazy”

Kate Bush “Running up that hill”

“The world has gone mad,” says British singer Kate Bush, finding it “quite overwhelming” that her song “Running Up That Hill” is once again topping the charts 37 years after its release, fueled by the series “Stranger Things”.

The song registers a great resurgence of popularity thanks to the success of the fantastic series, whose fourth and penultimate season premiered on Netflix at the end of May, and in which it has an important presence.

In this new season, the gang of friends find themselves in the fictional town of Hawkins in 1986, six months after the battle of Starcourt Mall, faced with a new supernatural threat.

“It’s such a good series that I thought the song would attract a bit of attention,” the 63-year-old singer said in an interview broadcast on BBC radio on Wednesday.

“But I never imagined it would be something like this. It’s very exciting. But it is pretty overwhelmingReally. The whole world has gone crazy”, he added.

“It’s such a good series that I thought the song would attract a bit of attention,” the 63-year-old singer said in an interview broadcast on BBC radio on Wednesday.

“That all these young people listen to the song for the first time and discover it is very special”, considered the British artist, assuring that she herself “never” listens to her old songs again.

With “Running Up That Hill,” which reached number one in the UK on June 17, as well as in other countries, Kate Bush broke several records, including the longest period between the release of a single (1985) and its arrival at the top of the charts.

The Official Charts Company said on Friday that Bush had achieved three all-time records on the Official Chart: the longest time for a single to reach number 1 on the Official Singles Chart – 37 years – as well as the oldest female artist to achieve a number 1 on the Official Singles Chart.

And 44 years after his last UK No. 1, with “Wuthering Heights,” Bush also holds the record for the longest time interval between No. 1s in Official List history, he added.

“The way a new generation of music fans have taken her classic theme to their hearts really cements Kate’s position as one of the all-time greats, if that were needed,” said the CEO of the Official Charts Company, Martin Talbot, in a statement.

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 – Trailer – Netflix

“There was great music in the 1980s, but I think we’re in an incredibly exciting time now,” even if it’s “very difficult” for a lot of people, he said.

After achieving several great musical successes, Kate Bush has kept a low profile in recent decades.

Her latest studio album, “50 Words for Snow,” was released in 2011. The singer played a series of sold-out concerts in London in 2016, but now she doesn’t say if she’s working on new projects.

He also explained to the BBC his experience during the confinements due to the pandemic, which he said he had spent watching television series and dedicating himself to gardening, his new passion.


What in stranger things sound 80’s music is natural. Only in the fourth season is heard Baltimore, Talking Heads, Extreme, The Cramps and also to Kiss and the beach boys. And in previous seasons they have sounded Joy Division, New Order, The Bangles, Vangelis, Dolly Parton, The Clash… Music is an essential part of the plot, and nothing that is heard there (often on cassettes that go in and out of radio recorders and walkmans) is casual or indifferent.

tik tok running up that hill 2
Running up that hill on Tik Tok

The curious thing, in any case, is the effect it generates on those who hear those songs for the first time. It is not, of course, a new phenomenon: the cinema is full of examples in which a soundtrack rescues songs or artists from oblivion. The particularity of the time is that today the reaction of the audience can be measured in real time: if a song arouses curiosity, you don’t have to wait months to corroborate it in the sales figures because in a matter of hours, the platforms throw up millionaire figures. It’s what happened with “Running Up That Hill”.

The song went viral on different platforms, but the one that spread the most was on the TikTok social network, where the hashtag #runningupthathill has 637.6 million views, while #katebush accumulates 559 million.

(with information from AFP and Reuters)


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