Kate del Castillo and the dramatic change in her face

The 49-year-old Mexican attended an event on the Telemundo network where her appearance stole all the attention. Some Internet users compare her to Florinda Meza.

Excess botox or scalpel? That is the question that actress Kate del Castillo provoked in the public after reappearing at an event looking unrecognizable.

The actress of “La Reina del Sur” was invited to an event on the Telemundo network. As usual, she wore a spectacular figure, however, it was her face that captured all the attention.

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For many, the 49-year-old Mexican drastically changed her features. The evidence is a series of photographs that have gone viral on the web and in which Internet users wondered if it was really Kate.

In fact, some suggested that she was so changed that she now looked like another colleague of hers, the Mexican Rebecca Jones, and others confused her with Florinda Meza.

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“How finished Florinda Meza looks, good for Adamari”, “Kate abuses botox, her forehead looks horrible, but in an interview she said “yes, I use botox, but in a subtle way” hahahaha yes of course, she they inject liters, that’s why it looks like that”, and “Kate has already ruined her face, I think it’s fine because they live off their image, but the years go by and you have to accept it anyway. Of those beautiful Mexican actresses until their old age, there are no more”, were some of the unfortunate comments.


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