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Kate of the Castle it’s always news. Within the productions he makes and outside of it. This time it has been news in the second facet, because when attending the event of Netflix where the various productions that will begin to be part of the streaming giant’s grid in the following months are presented, the popular “queen of the south” caught the attention of many for his changed figure and face. Thus, there was no lack of critical comments regarding what had been done to her face.

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The 49-year-old Mexican actress, who has been producing and starring in her first series, called “A beautiful lie”, has always been in everyone’s eyes: press, followers and detractors. The latter began to appear again after her presence at the Netflix public event last Wednesday, May 18.

Several of these “haters” stated that the actress had undergone a new plastic surgery and that the result had been negative, since “they did the surgery wrong”, “The operation did not go well” were some of the comments that began to swarm through social networks, especially on Twitter.

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The actress has been in Mexico recording the new series that will premiere shortly (Photo: Kate del Castillo / Instagram)
The actress has been in Mexico recording the new series that will premiere shortly (Photo: Kate del Castillo / Instagram)


Mexican media consulted the plastic surgeon of the Pontifical Catholic University, Esteban Torres, about the new face of the artist, and he praised the actress’s complexion, while analyzing what kind of treatments she may have undergone.

“She has a very good quality of skin” which could be due to “makeup, along with botulinum toxin and facials”. However, she stated that the actress would not have any surgical intervention on her face. “Because of her age and what is reflected in the photos, it is impressive that she is skinnier”.

Consequently, Del Castillo would have resorted to some non-invasive treatment but not plastic surgery. “Could have used facial filler along with botulinum toxin”adding “fillers to improve the cheekbones and the toxin to stretch the forehead and crow’s feet”described Torres, who also explained that these procedures, combined with weight loss, caused the questionable “new face” of the actress

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Del Castillo with Adamari López at the Netflix event (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram)
Del Castillo with Adamari López at the Netflix event (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram)


The miniseries, as it will only consist of 6 chapters, is a story based on the book by Leo Tolstoy, “Anna Karenina”, and adapted to a contemporary story about Ana Montes de Oca, who will be personified by Kate del Castillo, an Olympic gold medal-winning diver and national heroine of Mexico who falls in love with a young musician.

“This project is very important to me, since it is a Tolstoy classic, which we are recreating in a modern age and which unfortunately continues to be perfect with all this machismo, all this burden that is given to women for simply being women, and more in an infidelity. Ana is a tragic character, and she finds herself completely alone”Kate del Castillo commented on the plot.

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