Kate del Castillo says goodbye to being single and is captured in the most romantic way with her new boyfriend

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Everything seems to indicate that Kate del Castillo has decided to give herself a new chance at love and it is that according to the TV Notes magazine, the 49-year-old actresss has started a relationship with the director of photography Édgar Bahena, whom he met on the set of the new season of “The Queen of the South”.

An alleged friend of the actress detailed the famous entertainment magazine Kate is in Mexico for a few weeks for work reasons and it was in that daily coexistence where he fell in love with Bahena.

“They knew each other from the third season of La Reina del Sur, but the crush occurred now that they recorded the fourth season, because with so much travel, so much approach and so much interaction, love between them was born and they are very happy”detailed the informant.

Kate del Castillo records the fourth season of “La Reina del sur”.
Photo: Instagram @katedelcastillo

Kate del Castillo seems happy with this new romance and has no intention of hiding it, assured the source, since it is common to see them together at dinners with friends and even in the last edition of the Super Bowl, they were present.

She is very aware of their relationship and they don’t really hide at all. In fact, it seems strange to me that they still haven’t been caught, because now that they’re in Mexico they go out to dinner together without hiding their relationship.” he explained.

To confirm the version of the source, a paparazzi from said magazine captured the actress in the company of Édgar Bahena in an important restaurant in Mexico City.

Kate del Castillo and Edgar Bahena
They no longer hide their love.
Photo: TVNotes

In addition, he has shared some photos with the interpreter through Instagram, the most recent was a week ago in Los Angeles.

Édgar Bahena shows off Kate del Castillo on social media
Photo: Instagram @bahena00

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