Kate Winslet: 10 curiosities about the Titanic actress


At the time just 21, the very young English actress Kate Winslet has earned a rightful place in the firmament of international stars. To cast her the confidence of director James Cameron, who had seen her as the perfect protagonist Titanic, one of the best big screen love stories ever told.

More than 20 years after her very first roles, Kate Winslet she is a woman, a mother and an amazing actress. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in – first of all their appearance. In a recent interview, he admitted that he had sent his poster of Mare of Easttown three times exclaiming: “I know where my wrinkles are, and I know they are!”. Let’s find out together everything there is to know about the actress who, year after year, we can only appreciate more and more.

Here are 10 curiosities about actress Kate Winslet!

She has been married three times

The search for love has always been a constant for Kate Winslet. They prove it the three marriages of the actress, of which the last one is still (thankfully) in progress. The first dates back to 1998, when he married director Jim Thereapleton. The two had a daughter named Mia in 2000, before divorcing in 2001. They later married in 2003 director Sam Mendes, with whom she then had their son Joe, born the same year, to divorce in 2011.

Finally, in 2012, she married businessman Ned Rocknroll with whom he had a son, Bear Blaze, in 2013.

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He has a “special” relationship with Leonardo Di Caprio

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out the relationship between Kate Winslet and the actor known on the set of Titanic, Leonardo Di Caprio, is something unique and special. The two have always supported each other and have reiterated over and over that there is nothing between them but pure and simple friendship. At his last wedding, the actress was accompanied to the altar by the actor himself, who is famously called by all the actress’s children as “uncle Leo”.

According to Di Caprio, he and his colleague “grew up together” in the world of showbusiness, what helped make their relationship stable beyond any physical bond. Although most continue to hope for a romantic ending, Kate Winslet confessed that nothing ever happened, although she said that she and Leo love to recite jokes to each other. Titanic by heart.

kate winslet curiosity actress

His son bears the name of a fire

The third child of the actress is called Bear Blaze Winslet and is a name that has more than one oddity. Bear – literally translated from English as “bear” – is a memory of an old friend of the actress, who had the nickname “bear”. Blaze, on the other hand, comes from the singular encounter between Kate and her current husband. The two, in fact, met on Richard Branson’s private island, in the Caribbean Sea, when they saved his 90-year-old mother from a burning house. Having met in a burning house, it seemed logical for both of them to remember the event with a detail. Hence “Blaze”.

British origins (of which she is incredibly proud)

Kate Winslet is English to the core and despite a brilliant career in the United States, he said he will never move to Los Angeles. Today he lives in West Wittering, Sussex. In choosing between one and the other, the actress stated that she would prefer a part in an English production, even a small one, a thousand times over one in an American film.

In 2012 was awarded the CBE Medal by Buckingham Palace – Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, directly from Queen Elizabeth II. It is an honor given for the services rendered to the British Empire, in this case in the acting sector.

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kate winslet curiosity actress

Accepted as is (without retouching)

In a world of retouching, retouching and botox, Kate Winslet has always remained faithful to her body and to her “aging”. For his latest role as Mare of Easstown (in Italy distributed on Sky with the title Murder in Easttown), the actress sent the billboard back to production three times, stating with determination that she knows how many and what wrinkles she has and to leave them in place.

Brand ambassador of L’Oréal, the agreement between the actress and the French cosmetics house includes a very strict clause on “no photoshop” for the actress’s photos.

“I can only speak for myself and I do things that are really important to me and I hope other people can do like me too. [Quando mi ritoccano] I know I don’t look like that and, in fact, I don’t want to look like that. People aren’t really like that. Of course, maybe in the movies … but there it takes at least two hours of make-up! “

The color of her hair is …

In Titanic Kate Winslet has red hair; in Revolutionary Road, The Reader and others the actress’s hair is blond. Next to Jim Carrey, in If you leave me I delete you, her hair is multicolored. THEActually, Kate’s natural hair color is a “strawberry” blonde that tends to reddish.

An Oscar… a record!

The actress has been nominated several times by the Academy for her performances but the victory came only in 2009, when she won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film The Reader. The Oscar obtained that evening made it the youngest actress to have been nominated 6 times by the Academy, at the age of only 33. Indeed Kate Winslet had already been nominated for her role as Marianne in Reason and Sentiment (1996), Rose in Titanic (1998), of course; Young Iris in Iris (2002), Clementine in If you leave me I delete you (2005) and Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs (2016).

Before that, Kate Winslet had set another record when, in 2006, his performance in Little Children earned her her fifth Oscar nomination at the age of 31. She was the youngest actress to ever do it. To date, his Oscar is kept in the bathroom of his home. Whenever someone stays in the bathroom longer after flushing the toilet, the actress confessed, she always thinks they are standing there holding it in front of the mirror and thanking a non-existent audience.

It could have been … Eowyn (among others)

There are roles that define us and others that… we let go. In the case of the English actress, Kate Winslet rejected the role of Eowyn in the saga based on Tolkien’s books, The Lord of the Rings. In fact, initially she was offered the part which then went to Miranda Otto.

kate winslet curiosity actress

The dedication to the film Titanic

The English actress – now known all over the world – she was practically a stranger when James Cameron cast her to play Rose in Titanic. He had passed Gwenyth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Cameron Diaz herself at the auditions. To thank James Cameron for his trust in her, Kate sent the director a bouquet of roses.

On the film set she was also the only one not to wear a thermal suit during filming – partly for the semi-sheer clothes and partly for actually feeling the cold water of the tub where the shooting took place.

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To this day he still admits that he feels embarrassed by the nude portrait of the film scene, and refuses to put the autograph on the posters of the people who submit it to him.

He also has a singing career

The actress recorded a song called What if? for the cartoon A Christmas Carol. The song was also released as a single and reached the top 10 in the UK.

Kate Winslet is not on social media

Despite her popularity, Kate Winslet is not present on social media. There are several fan accounts that post content about her and her films on a daily basis but no social media is directly attributable to her.



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