Kate Winslet: “How much I like to break the mold”


Ten years later Mildred Pearce, the miniseries that earned her the Emmy for Best Actress in 2011, Kate Winslet returns with the Hbo series Mare of Easttown (in Italy in spring on Sky and NOW tv): Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan, a small-town Pennsylvania detective who finds herself investigating a murder case as her own life is falling apart. A project in which she believed, so much so that she was also a producer. But she is also the protagonist of Ammonite, the film by Francis Lee.

Kate Winslet in “Mare of Easttown”, Hbo series (in Italy in spring on Sky and NOW TV) which marks her return 10 years after “Mildred Pierce”

Photo courtesy Sky Italia

«I am attracted to nonconformist women and therefore I look for them in the cinema: I am someone who respects the rules, but how much I like to break the mold!». Francis Lee’s call on the set of Ammonite went in this direction: it is the story of Mary Anning, orphan and of poor origins, a self-taught paleontologist of the mid-nineteenth century, who falls in love with a young lady of good society, played by Saoirse Ronan (also in The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, the next film by Wes Anderson). The ammonites of the title are those fossil shells with multiple chambers, wrapped in the form of a spiral, which housed the cephalopod molluscs: extinct ages ago, they are still at the center of the attention of those who study the origins of our world. “I accepted the role in record time, 12 hours after reading the script,” explains the actress. “Because it told an important love story: that of a researcher who made revolutionary discoveries, even if little recognized at the time, in an environment dominated by men who often made their own the searches of weaker subjects, such as women” .


Three children – Mia (20 years old, daughter of first husband Jim Threapleton), Joe (16, born from the second marriage to Sam Mendes) and Bear (born in 2013 after the wedding with Ned Rocknroll, born Edward Abel Smith, nephew of the owner by Virgin Richard Branson) – Kate Winslet, 45, has a family of actors behind her, none of them famous. But anyhow: «My maternal grandmother had six children, but she decided to continue to be an actress. With her husband she had created the Reading Repertory Theater Company, starting in the back garden of the house. My mother wanted to act, but she threw in the towel. My father instead tried, between a job and an evening as a jazz musician. My sisters also did their part. When I first saw it The adventures of the Baron of Münchausen by Terry Gilliam I fantasized that my family could have exactly that story. ‘
Meanwhile, there is on the horizon the sequel to Avatar, Christmas film of the year 2022, which gave her the opportunity to work again with James Cameron after the epic of Titanic. “I found a calmer and more aware Cameron: I think he learned a lot from past experiences. And do you know what it is? Should the end of the world come, I would like to be with him: lives in a house disconnected from everything, with a family ready to face any eventuality and catastrophe. Water, electricity, food: they are self-sufficient in everything, they live in a parallel dimension. That’s why he can imagine the universe of Avatar. James Cameron is the man capable of surviving anything, even James Cameron ».

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