Katy Perry adopts her summer bun

As the summer season is fast approaching, we can already distinguish two major hair trends. On the one hand, we find the “mermaid hair”, recently adopted by Zendaya, Kendall Jenner and Khloé Kardashian. On the other, it’s the high bun with loose locks in a “tinkerbell” style that squats the heads of our favorite celebrities like Megan Fox. A few days ago, “Teenage Dreams” singer Katy Perry also jumped on the hair trend bandwagon by posting her own take on it on her Instagram account. While the star has long been the talk of the town with her extravagant makeovers – like in 2014 when she opted to flaunt a pink mane – she has now returned to a more natural hair color and opted for an easy hairstyle to wear.

How to copy Katy Perry’s “Tinkerbell” look?

The pro behind this popular hairstyle is none other than celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero, whose clientele includes Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell, and Kim Kardashian. However, you don’t need the best hair stylists to achieve this bun, which only requires a few pins, a fine-dotted brush and a finishing gel or spray. Start by brushing your hair and depositing the spray or gel directly on the hair. Then make a high bun, taking care to leave two locks outside the hairstyle. Secure the bun with a few pins and you’re done.

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