Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom enjoy date night after winning legal battle

pop star katy perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom There is jubilation in New York after a three-year legal dispute over a $15 million Montecito home he bought in 2020.

84 year old man involved in legal battle Carl WestcottA disabled veteran who initially sold them an 8.9-acre property but later attempted to withdraw the deal claiming he was under the influence of painkillers during the sale. However, a Los Angeles judge recently ruled that Westcott was mentally healthy when he made the transaction.

Fresh from their legal victory, Perry and Bloom enjoyed a romantic dinner date in Manhattan while strolling hand in hand. Perry dazzled in a blue coat with faux fur trim, while Bloom wore a tartan jacket with sunglasses and charcoal jeans for the night.

In July 2020, Westcott agreed to sell the property to Perry, but, as previously mentioned, attempted to cancel the deal after the latter alleged impairment due to pain medication. A recent court decision sided with the celebrity couple, dismissing Westcott’s claims. Perry’s lawyer, eric rowenSaid that Westcott breached the contract without valid reason, and he anticipated awarding damages in an upcoming trial.

The judge also noted inconsistencies in the testimony of Westcott’s medical expert. Westcott, an 80-year-old Army veteran who suffers from Huntington’s disease, aimed to void the contract when the painkillers wore off a few days after signing.

Perry sought millions in lost rent while claiming his original purchase of the property was for his intended primary residence.

Despite the legal victory, Westcott’s family criticized Perry and Bloom for prosecuting a case against a vulnerable person.

This is not Perry’s first legal dispute over a property, as he faced a lawsuit from nuns over the sale of a convent in 2015. The legal battle ended with Perry winning damages and a tragic incident where a nun died during the proceedings.

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