Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s legal battle with the former owner of a mansion in California continues. celebrities

to the singer katy perry and your husband Orlando Bloom Seguem purchased the Hare House in 2020 in the Judicial Brigade with Mansao’s former owner.

The house was purchased in July 2020 for US$15 million (R$74.8 million), located at 1569 E. Valley Road in Montecito, California. or old dono, Carl Westcott, He now claims that he was not in a sufficient mental state to understand the contract when he sold or transferred it three years ago.

According to The New York Post, judicial documents confirm this Carl Westcott Initially my intention was to live in the house “for the rest of my life.” However, due to his identity, health problems, and recent surgery, he argued that he was not mentally competent to consent to the sale. He regretted the agreement a few days after the effects of the surgery wore off.

In the house we have rooms and 11 bathrooms – Photo: Village Properties / Reproducao

“Health deterioration is a major concern in our country and this legal battle has further increased that tension. “We want to plan to return to Santa Barbara to spend our last days with family in the home we loved so much.” Carl Westcott In a statement to the New York Post.

Any moment you don’t buy a house, Orlando Bloom And katy perry send an honest letter to Carl WestcottThe 83-year-old expressed her desire to purchase her own property in Santa Barbara, citing plans to raise her newborn child in the environment. However, according to court documents obtained by The New York Post, the real purpose of the home was to secure ownership.

The dining room has glass doors that open to the outdoor area – Photo: Village Properties / Reproducao

to the legal team of katy perry Recently requested additional compensation of US$2.67 million Carl Westcott Citing reasons for not being able to stay at home, including inability to find a place or space, or a TV bill they did not pay.

The goal seems to be to turn the property into a lucrative venture through a few messages. This argument contradicted House’s previous statement that the property was for personal residence.

The kitchen is integrated with the living room and has a large bench with five places – Photo: Village Properties / Reproducão

Court records show that lawyers for katy perry They will argue that he lost Elugel’s rent because he did not get ownership of the house. Carl Westcott They submit a lease contract on August 20, 2021 for monthly payments of US$75,000 (R$373.9 thousand) in 2020.

The living room has a large sofa, comfortable sofa and chairs – Photo: Village Properties / Reproducao

Finally, the singer revealed ownership of three other homes near Santa Barbara, which were used as a second residence and summer residence. The singer will soon have to perform at the Stanley Mosque Court.

An 862-square-metre manso has two bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The property is located in a condominium in Montecito. The living room is integrated with a modern kitchen and views the sea. The rooms open up to several terraces, outdoor spaces and a large swimming pool.

The spacious suite also opens up to the outdoor area – Photo: Village Properties/Reproducao

At home I also have a view of the mountains. There is also a luxurious master suite, with double wardrobes and a banheiro that mimics a spa. Apart from this, there is also a guest house and an academy surrounded by lush green gardens.

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