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Just as you read! Although we all now know that the song “Ocean Eyes” was a success and that Billie Eilish is one of the most recognized singers of the moment, At the beginning of her career, Katy Perry refused to collaborate with her on that song.

The interpreter of “Firework” visited the studios of a radio station in Los Angeles and there she confessed that she did not want to collaborate with the interpreter of “Bad Guy” when she was taking her first steps in music.

Katy Perry’s confession

“Someone on my team emailed me one time saying ‘hey look at this new artist, I’d really like to work with her’, because (Billie) was working with me on several demos… There was a song called ‘Ocean eyes” and I was just a blonde girl and I was ‘meh, boring…’”he told his fans.

After the laughter and surprise of those present, Katy acknowledged that she definitely regrets her decision, and even more so after learning about the great impact Eilish has had on music.

“Big mistake. A huge mistake… Don’t let this reach the ears of the internet,” she said.

“Ocean Eyes”: The song that made Billie Eilish famous

At just 13 years old, Billie Eilish recorded and posted “Ocean Eyes” on Soundcloud with the intention that friends and family would enjoy it, as she had previously done with two other compositions.

But after garnering over 50,000 streams, it was uploaded to Spotify, where it went viral, racking up over two million streams in a year. All this at a time when the young woman was not yet as popular as she is now.

This great song led her to sign her first recording contract with Interscope Records. And so, the song was republished on platforms, achieving its first platinum record in the United States in 2018.

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