Katy Perry: “Daisy Helped Me Experience Unconditional Love for the First Time”

Katy Perry had never known “unconditional love” before giving birth to her daughter Daisy.

The 36-year-old singer gave birth to her first child, with her fiancé Orlando Bloom, last August, and in an interview for the latest issue of L’Officiel magazine, she talked about how motherhood has changed her life. “I’ve always felt like I’m walking around with a little pain in my heart when it comes to love,” she said. And my fiancé did a great job of really helping to fix that. (…) I had heard of unconditional love, but now I’m really living it. There is a fullness that has occurred. »

The American star added that her 44-year-old man, who is also the father of a 10-year-old son, Flynn, from his marriage to Miranda Kerr, has been a “huge emotional support”. And as she acclimatizes to her new role as a mother, the singer learns to appreciate the simple things in her life. “I was nervous about being a mom,” she said. Now I understand. Now I realize that’s it. (…) Every day, I’m here: ” When can we go for a walk? When can I go swimming? ” There have been a good dozen years when none of these little things existed. It was amazing to experience huge and crazy things, but sometimes it’s nice to just throw the ball on the grass and watch your daughter laugh at the simple joys of the dog that brings her back. »

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