Katy Perry: Electric, the Pokémon song arrives!


Here we are, the song Electric from Katy Perrygodmother of project P25 – is about to arrive: confirmation in a clue “hidden” in the Spotify playlist from the same singer-songwriter!

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The project Music P25, the musical initiative conceived by The Pokémon Company to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Pokémon brand, comes alive with new clues regarding the rumored song Electric from Katy Perry. Indeed, after the rumors of the past months who hypothesized the April 16 as the release date of the single, the veiled confirmations on the next work of the American singer-songwriter, which could also arrive in the course of May.

There Spotify playlist published on well-known music streaming site from the same Katy Perry shows a particular clue in favor of Electric. Some of his biggest hits are in fact placed in a particular order: as noted by some users, the initials of all the songs – if combined – form the phrase “Electric soon“.

But it was the singer herself who confirmed, shortly after, all these little “spoilers”, along with the page Official Pokémon Twitter who started commenting on many of the posts with lightning bolt emojieven of ordinary usersand like, confirming in fact that he has a hand in that strange order given to the playlist, and consequently suggesting that the new single will be released shortly.

Always on twitter, another rumor states that the US program Good Morning America, which airs on the network ABC every morning, it might show the teaser of the single Electric, just like he did with another great release of Katy Perry, the famous Never Really Over.


Plus, the same Pokémon official page on Twitter he retweeted it playlist screen, admitting to “Hear thunder in the distance”, with a lot of nth lightning bolt emoji!

The release date for the song is this Friday, May 14, 2021. Keep an eye on the channels of Pokémon Next for more information!

The musical initiative created by TPC saw debut Post Malone In the virtual concert last February 28, 2021, where he sang some of his best known hits such as Psycho, Circles, Only wanna be with you cover of a song by Hootie and the Blowfish’s, remade with a Pokémon theme by the same artist – And Congratulations. Furthermore, the project Music P25 thought by TPC does not stop there. Well 11 artists will be engaged in the making of a dedicated album, called “Pokémon 25: The Album “; at the moment there are three artists confirmed for the project: Post Malone, Katy Perry And J Balvin. The album will see the light inautumn this year, published by “Capital Records”, A label famous for having released important artists of the caliber of Paul McCartney it’s the same Katy Perry.

Katy Perry Electric


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