Katy Perry, her stalker loses the case but remains free

He already has a restraining order William Edward Terry, alleged Stalker by Katy Perry. You can’t get closer than 100 meters from her, her partner Orlando Bloom, their daughter Daisy Dove. It cannot even “tamp” Flynn, 10, the son Orlando Bloom had with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. He often spends weekends with his dad and the singer, and the couple and Katy fear he too might become the object of Terry’s unwanted attention.

William Edward Terry: Los Angeles County Court Arrest Warrant for him

The hearing that was held on January 8 in the Los Angeles County Court saw William Edward Terry formally accused by the court of trespassing. According to the documents he is guilty of repeating the crime. The alleged stalker has in fact tried several times to break into the house that Katy Perry has in Berverly Hills. A couple of times he even succeeded. It even terrified the newborn Daisy last September. On that occasion, after having climbed over the high fence, he was able to look out of an open window that overlooked the little girl’s room. Then he didn’t want to leave, so much so that it was the pop star’s bodyguards who took him out.

In fact the City of Los Angeles attorney said the court but issued an arrest warrant against Terry for his failure to appear before the Court. The alleged stalker just didn’t show up on January 8th. But the judge had no mercy. Moreover, the 38-year-old has been posting obscene messages to the singer’s address and death for Orlando Bloom for months, and there are all the traces of these messages.

Katy Perry’s alleged stalker did not appear in court on Friday 8 January

The court, in convicting Terry, he also took into account the statements of the policemen who arrived at Katy Perry’s house last time. The four reported having taken the man from the hands of the singer’s security bodyguard who, after capturing him, held him awaiting the police.

Despite the arrest warrant being issued, the judge decided to leave William Edward Terry at large. Which threw Katy into a state of anguish that will probably last until the final sentence. The one who, at least for a while, will put William Edward Terry behind bars.

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