Katy Perry leaves a big tip to a waitress who ‘made a fool of herself’

Katy Perry has offered a generous tip to an Australian waitress after she ‘made a fool of herself’ by not recognizing the pop star.

Perry is currently spending time underground while her partner Orlando Bloom shoots a film in Far North Queensland, and on Saturday June 18, she stopped at a cafe in Port Douglas where she was served by waitress Indianna Paull.

Like many celebrities do in public, Perry concealed her identity somewhat by wearing a hat and sunglasses, but that didn’t stop a number of people at the cafe from recognizing her. Unfortunately, Paull was not one of those people.

The waitress told Perry, who was holding her one-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove, that she would have to wait to be seated because there were no tables available.

Paull told Sunrise that the singer “handled it like any normal person,” although Perry is probably used to getting a little special treatment.

“She was really nice the whole time and she handled it like a champ. I think it’s partly because I didn’t recognize her that she was so laid back and relaxed about it,” Paull said.

When Perry approached Paull for the second time, the waitress reluctantly sat the star in a part of the cafe that is not normally used.

She recalled, “I made a fool of myself and said ‘for future reference, we don’t usually seat people at this table’. »

Perry reportedly promised the waitress she would be ‘very nice’, and it wasn’t until Paull’s manager alerted her to the customer’s identity that the waitress ‘turned red and went limp in her knees’ .

Bloom and Perry are currently in Australia with their one-year-old daughter. Credit: Shutterstock

“I probably didn’t need it, but I felt like an idiot, so I went to his table and apologized,” Paull said. “I don’t know why, I was just shocked that I acted like she was a laid back Joe Blow!” »

Paull said Perry was probably so desperate for a seat because ‘people were running around taking pictures of her’, but the waitress was ‘so oblivious’ and ‘had no idea’ what was really going on .

Following Paull’s initial embarrassment, the waitress said she “couldn’t believe how nice the singer was” and said she had left a tip “much more than the usual €2”.

“She asked my name and had a chat with me and as she left she walked through the cafe and gave me a hug and was really nice to everyone. It was crazy,” Paull said.

Paull also assured that other reports that she had an “argument” with Perry were false and that the story had been “blown” out of proportion.

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