Katy Perry separated from Orlando Bloom? The singer hooks up with Pete Davidson via social media

Katy Perry is in a relationship with Orlando Bloom for several years and together they even had a child, Dasy Dove, born in August 2020. But according to his last TikTok, Katy Perry took a wrong turn… The interpreter of “I kissed a girl and liked it” follows the “Mash” trend: a filter that tells you what your ideal life looks like. House, car, six children and as boyfriend Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s ex, to wrap it all up. If it’s TikTok who says it, Katy Perry still wanted to warn Kim Kardashian, in order to avoid misunderstandings. “No offense Kim Kardashian”, she commented in the caption of her video. Before also warning her husband Orlando Bloom. “And Orlando?”, she asked. Anyway, as for Kim Kardashian, she is no longer with Pete. “Dead at 28”, a shocking announcement was also made about the actor, the day after his breakup with Kim K.

Katy Perry’s video is close to a million likes and by the way, makes more than one talk. New controversy for Katy Perry therefore, after her pizza throwing last week. Passing through a nightclub in Las Vegas, Katy Perry found nothing better to do than toss pizza slices in the direction of the crowd. A moment that immediately went viral on social networks and completely divided his fans. If some found this mythical moment, for others it was a big lack of respect. On the one hand, to play with food. On the other, to treat his fans like “pigeons”. “Katy Perry feeding her pigeons…”had even commented a twitto in reaction to the video.

At the same time, who says Katy Perry, also says provocative. Still in Las Vegas, the singer recently chained the shows there. On the program: alcohol, hallucinogenic mushrooms, toilets and giant excrement for the fans of the popstar who come to attend his concerts. Definitely, wherever she goes, Katy Perry is talked about.

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