Katy Perry Tackles Strange Viral Eye Problem In Las Vegas

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Katy Perry has finally opened up about her bizarre eye glitch clip on her show in Las Vegas which has gone viral. The 38-year-old singer’s eye glitch video had gone viral. The clip was eerie and it raised alarm bells as fans worried about the singer’s health.

In the video shared on TikTok on October 23, the teenage dream the singer’s right eye was seen closing on its own. Each time the eye closed, Perry touched his temple and it opened before closing. The musician didn’t worry about what was happening with her eye as she continued with her show.

How did Katy Perry approach her Viral Eye Glitch music video?

Katy Perry Las Vegas

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After Perry announced 14 more dates scheduled for his 2023 Las Vegas concert series with the title; Katy Perry: PLAY, she addressed the viral video. The singer explained that the eye problem was just part of the show.

In her October 27 Instagram post, she hashtags and invites people to see her “IRL broken doll eye party trick” in Las Vegas next year. Perry had implied that the eye glitch was just one of his party tricks. She added that she even pours “beer out of my boobs (it’s also a party trick…”

How did the fans react?

By E ! NewFans found the california chicks very strange singer’s eye glitch. Some fans brought up their own speculations about the odd storyline.

In the comments from the TikTok account that posted the viral clip, fans dropped their various theories about what they were thinking.

A TikTok user speculated that on Perry’s show, she tried to portray her character as a “doll in a toy story kind of environment”. The user hinted that the singer’s eye was blinking like a doll.

Some other fans thought she was a robot. Different theories have been floated, but Perry said the eye issue was just a nifty part of the show.

Perry revealed that fans should expect more tricks than she has up her sleeve on her shows.

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