Katy Perry takes a selfie with her fans

Contrary to Bad Bunny28 years old, who started the year with controversy because he was caught throwing his cell phone at a fan, arrives Katy Perry to show humility.

It turns out that a video of 38-year-old Katy Perry is circulating on social networks, being intercepted by a group of fans with whom takes a selfie in a bathroom.

In the recording, Katy Perry is seen entering the bathroom of a restaurant in Colorado, when suddenly her fans realize and run to look for her.

Subsequently, two girls run and little by little they become more united. All of them manage to take a selfie with the artist, who during a shot holds her cell phone so that they all appear in the shot.

And no, he doesn’t throw his cell phone at them at any time like Bad Bunny did.

After seeing Katy Perry not repeating the Bad Bunny’s aggressive behaviorwe can conclude that:

  • There are artists who do not throw away their fans’ cell phones when they boldly place them at a certain distance from their faces.
  • There are artists who thank their fans for their admiration and affection with a smile and a nice gesture.
  • There are artists who don’t get mad at being interrupted – wait a minute – by their fans, not even when they’re intercepted in the bathroom.

Bab Bunny could be sued by fan he scorned

While thousands of people applaud the humility of Katy Perry with their fans, others celebrate that Bad Bunny is losing popularity due to his arrogant personality.

However, this seems not important to Bad Bunny, since so far he has not offered a public apology to the fan.

The most read of Famous

On the contrary, Bad Bunny says be the offended He considered it disrespectful.

In this regard, relatives of the fan would be suggesting that he take legal action so that the singer asks for a public apology.

As well as that Bad Bunny responds for the damage that his cell phone could have, which he threw on the floor.

This is because the woman would currently be depressed and not want to leave the house, so it will be in the next few days when it will be discovered if Bad Bunny was forced to apologize.

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