Katy Perry throws pizza to her fans at a nightclub in Las Vegas

FOOD – “Who ordered a Margherita?” In a showcase in a Las Vegas nightclub this Sunday, July 31, Katy Perry once again threw slices of pizza into the crowd, as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

The footage shows the 37-year-old singer taking slices of a pizza one by one before tossing them out into the audience as the title plays In Da Ghetto by J.Balvin and Skrillex. The fans present below reach out their arms to try as best they can to catch up with the shares in the air.

Shared by a Katy Perry fan account on Twitter, the video has already been viewed more than five million times. Fans envied the people in the nightclub and had fun with the streak.

“Ohh being in the club trying to catch the pizza thrown by Katy Perry”.

“Mdr I love him so much”.

” I’m crying [de rire]… She was looking for a plate to throw with the second slice, she hesitated a bit, but threw it anyway MDR”.

“It’s funnier every time I watch.”

” I love this woman “.

The pop star also went there with her little reaction.

“A mother who feeds her children,” she wrote.

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