Katy Perry vows to become ‘pop star grandma’

The Vegas, Nevada.

Katy Perry will be a pop star grandmother. The 38-year-old singer vowed to remain a pop star When I’m gray and old

Perry told Gwyneth Paltrow on her ‘goop’ podcast: ‘I want to be a pop star grandma. You don’t see many grandmas or grandpas in my field, but I’m going to be one of them. I want to do it for my daughter, for my family, my partner. A lot of people don’t make it out of our two businesses alive.’

Meanwhile, the singer recently revealed that she has to be careful not to become ‘Fat Elvis’ in Las Vegas. The ‘Roar’ hitmaker kicked off her ‘Play’ Las Vegas residency at the new hotel Resorts World on the Trip at the end of December 2021, and you’ve built a show schedule that gives you plenty of downtime, so you must be careful not to give in to the indulgences that are offered in the city of sin as rock and roll icon Elvis Presley did, when he had a residency in the 1970s.

Speaking on the ‘Smartless’ podcast he joked about it: ‘It’s three weeks and then sometimes six to nine weeks. It is very easy to become the ‘-fat Elvis- in the middle’. However, the pop superstar is pleased with the balance she has achieved between her residence and her home life, as it allows her to spend more time with her fiancé. Orlando Bloom and their two-year-old daughter, Daisy.

‘I do it in installments of three weeks. She allows me to drop my daughter off at preschool, and then mom goes to work and comes home the next day. It’s a great routine. It’s something pop stars love to do and check the box. Also, I love creating an incredibly crazy show that I can’t tour because I couldn’t move all these crazy props that are on stage.’

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