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Katy Perry is sure to sing for many more years. The pop star wants to make a difference from other artists and has plans to become an iconic grandmother of the musical genre in the future as has rarely been seen in history.

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In an interview for Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘goop’ podcast, Perry confesses that she has this wish and will do it for her daughter and her family, who are her motivation to improve every day in this difficult business such as the music industry.

She looks like an old star

‘I want to be a pop star grandmother. You don’t see many grandmas or grandpas in my field, but I’m going to be one of them. I want to do it for my daughter, for my family, my partner. A lot of people don’t get out of our two businesses alive’, Indian.

Likewise, the interpreter of hits like ‘Dark horse’ spoke of her rhythm of life with her concert residence that she has been doing in Las Vegas since December 2021, having to dose her schedules to also share them with her daughter Deysi and her boyfriend Orlando Bloom .

“It’s three weeks and then, sometimes, from six to nine weeks (on her concerts and spaces to rest)”, indicates the singer who is fighting against all the eccentricities that the ‘city of sin’ can offer.

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