Katy Perry’s ex-husband Russell Brand to be investigated for alleged abuse of five women

  • Russell Brand has denied all the allegations against him and suggested it was all part of a plan to “discredit” him.

recently, five women He accused the British comedian and actor russell brandKaty Perry’s ex-husband, Alleged Abuse, Sexual Harassment and Emotional Abuse Over a period of seven years.

In an investigation conducted by the media The Times and The Sunday TimesIn collaboration with television channel channel 4Alleged victims have reported alleged violence Who lived with the celebrity between 2006 and 2013.

While other girls have described how his behavior is “Controlling, abusive and predatory”, One of them even said that the presenter even used a car BBC To look for her in school, when she was barely 16 years old.

Due to this, Metropolitan Police (MET) mentioned that the brand is already being These allegations were investigated And he invited anyone who “has information about the matter” to report it.

Multiple women have claimed Russell Brand’s behavior has been “aggressive and violent” /Facebook: Russell Brand

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“We are aware of reports in the media about a series of allegations of sexual harassment. Till now we have not received any report in this regard. “If anyone feels they have been a victim of sexual assault, regardless of when it happened, we encourage them to contact police.”A spokesperson said many times.

Similarly, BBC Told that an internal investigation has already been started “Investigate” any potentially abusive behavior by RussellWho was working for radio between 2006 and 2008.

On his part, various people who have worked with him on various projects over the years have said that “They will cooperate with any information” That they are asked to go “to the truth”.

Russell Brand is under police investigation for all allegations against him/Facebook: Russell Brand

Russell Brand has denied all the allegations against him

Before all these statements came out. russell brand In which a video was uploaded to the social network Denied all allegations against him, Although he did not provide details at the time, he noted that all the allegations were “pretty silly stuff”.

“I was very, very sexual and the relationships I had were always consensual. I was always transparent with them, maybe too transparent. “There is a coordinated plan behind these allegations.”he pointed out.

let’s remember this russell brand He became famous for his brief and controversial works Married to Katy Perry. Celebrities who married in 2010 and separated in 2012 He asked her for divorce through text message.

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