Kazuyoshi Miura, the oldest player in the world will play in EuropeHalftime

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At 55 years of age, who was a star of Japanese soccer, Kazuyoshi Miuraannounced this Wednesday his signing for the club Portuguese Second Division Oliveirensewhere he will play on loan.

“Even if it’s a new place, I want to work hard to show everyone the kind of game I’m known for“, he declared in a statement published by Yokohama FC, a Japanese second division club.

Miuranicknamed “King Kazu” in Japan, began his career in 1986 with the Brazilian club of Saints and played 37 professional seasons. After Brazil, Japan, Italy, Croatia and Australia, Portugal is the sixth country in which he will play

It should be noted that the company that owns Yokohama acquired a majority stake in Yokohama in November oliveirensea club from the center of the country.

Miura, who will turn 56 on February 26 and stated that he wants to play until he is 60, will join Christian Kendji Wagatsuma Ferreira, a Brazilian of Japanese origin, who was nicknamed “Kazu” when he was young.

Who is Kazuyoshi Miura?

After leaving for Brazil in 1982was signed by Santos, the historical club of “King” PelĂ©, four years later, before returning to Japan in 1990. He then became one of the most famous players in asia and contributed to making Japanese football known after the launch of the j league in 1993.

But despite his 55 goals in 89 games with the national team, he was not included in the national team in his first participation in a worldin 1998.

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