“Keanu Reeves could also be there”


According to the leader of the Culture Clubs, Boy George, a renowned Hollywood star will also be filming Millennium Media’s biopic about her life, titled Karma Chameleon. George hopes that production on the film can begin later this summer in London and Bulgaria, commenting on some casting rumors.

The Hollywood star who could appear in the film is Keanu Reeves. Boy George explained that the search for the actor who will play him is underway:“We are looking for a brave young actor from anywhere in the world to play the role of his life”.

Danny Mays could play Boy George’s father, and the singer then added:“There are rumors about the appearance of Keanu Reeves”.
Already last year the biopic on Boy George was announced. Producer Kevin King Templeton said:“I can’t wait to find a dynamic protagonist. Having spent time with George over the past four years developing the film, it’s important to me that his story is told in a way that honors him.”.
Millennium Media bosses have taken over the project following delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The film will tell the story of George’s beginnings as a member of an Irish working class family, through his rise to the top of the music charts in the 1980s with the Culture Clubs.


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