Keanu Reeves, look and style: how he did school wearing always the same gray shirt


Having a sense of style doesn’t always just mean catching fashions first, but, as this story (fashion for images) dedicated to Keanu Reeves teaches, often implies having immediately, from a very young age, clear ideas about what we like and the colors that suit us best.

From this point of view, even when at the beginning he lived a double career between music and cinema, Keanu Reeves has always stood out for chromatic consistency: at work, it was a red carpet or a post grunge stage, better black and gray (where the first dyed jacket and trousers, the other a t-shirt worn instead of a shirt).

Keanu Reeves in 1987


Michael Ochs Archives

It is difficult to say if the actor had a wardrobe with a “clone” look, but consulting the archive of his worldly appearances, the most plausible hypothesis seems to be that of a wardrobe as essential in nuances as minimal in the quantity of garments and accessories (even the shoes, in fact, are mostly the same). A “signature look” that Keanu Reeves “acquired” when he was just twenty and that probably made him immediately recognizable among those who changed even more outfits a day trying to make it a status symbol.

Keanu Reeves in 2005

Vera Anderson

Not everyone can find their own “uniform”, a way of dressing that is so right that it is almost a business card (even an interior one). Those few often make history (just think of designers like Giorgio Armani or Karl Lagerfield or techno-icons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg).
Below you can scroll through Keanu Reeves’ gray knitted story.
(PS. Important, the tones sometimes change depending on the light and the flashes)


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