Keanu Reeves offers friends a trip to San Francisco for the world premiere of “Matrix: Resurrections” –

from Simona Marchetti

As reported by the site “The Hollywood Reporter”, the 57-year-old actor paid for the private jet, the hotels and the tickets to the film to allow his loved ones and some members of the crew to attend the special screening.

Famous (also) for his generosity (he gave Harley Davidsons to the stunts of “Matrix Reloaded” and customized Rolex Submariners to those of “John Wick: Chapter 4”, while recently he donated 70% of the earnings of “The Matrix : Resurrections “, about 31.5 million dollars, to research on leukemia), on the weekend of last December 18 Keanu Reeves added another good deed to the list of those he had done over the years, offering a trip to San Francisco to some of his dearest friends for the world premiere of the new episode of the Matrix saga. “He flew a bunch of us here,” director Chad Stahelski, who was the stunt double of the 57-year-old actor in the Matrix trilogy and also directed him in the “John Wick” saga, confirmed to “The Hollywood Reporter”. .

According to the website, Reeves has paid for the private jet, hotels and tickets for the premiere and even organized a special post-screening brunch for all of his guests. “Keanu is incredibly generous – continued Stahelski, interviewed on the green carpet of the historic Castro Theater in San Francisco – and among the audience tonight there will be many people who have helped him, from his martial arts and jiu-jitsu coaches to hairdressers. and makeup artists, right up to the stunt team. He made sure his friends and family were here. He is fantastic”.

Fantastic and modest, like in the style of Reeves who, when asked precisely why he wanted to organize that special weekend for his friends, simply commented “it’s wonderful to be able to share our experiences and our lives together”.

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