Keanu Reeves only asked two big stars for autographs. And one even insulted him! [VIDEO]

In the world of cinema there is a star almost universally loved precisely for his character and some touching gestures: let’s talk about Keanu Reeves, whose tragic personal history and attitude towards life have made him the idol of millions of people. But even the great actors have their own models and it may happen that they give in to the fan in them to the point of asking for an autograph.

It is, roughly, the same thing that happened on a couple of occasions to the interpreter of Neo in The Matrix. Keanu Reeves has revealed that he has only asked for two autographs in his life, and one was not even him! He told it during a Q&A at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which you can recover in this VIDEO. The first celebrity he revealed he had signed up for was none other than Lou Reed, among the most famous American singers and poets of all time. However, Keanu admitted: “He did it to me, but it wasn’t for me. It was for a friend and he was fine“.

The story of the second autograph requested by Keanu Reeves is very different: the actor asked George Carlin, lamented legend of comedy. Just that Carlin who, curiously, he parodied Matrix interpreting the Architect in Scary Movie 3. Stephen Colbert and the audience were very surprised, especially to know that the autograph was in full George Carlin style. Reeves in fact revealed that on the sheet the comedian had written: “Dear Keanu, fuck off“; the actor was disappointed, but for a very particular reason: “I thought he wrote it especially for me, but instead I talked to other people and he wrote them the same thing“.

In addition to this anecdote, Keanu Reeves is circulating a lot there list of 18 films to see absolutely once in a lifetime, at least according to him. Do you agree with his choices?

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