Keaton’s Batman may also return after Flash and Batgirl

While we are still waiting for DC to restart with its pool of upcoming films, there is still a lot of talk about Flash, the new film that will tell the story of Barry Allen, aka The Flash, the fastest man on Earth. Having already seen it in Justice League (although he had already appeared in Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman), now we are ready to see a film completely dedicated to him in the company of one of the legends who have played Batman, none other than Michael Keaton.

The actor, who in the universe of the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead he plays the Vulture, he will return to take on the role of Batman once again. His appearance, however, will not stop only in The Flash, since his presence is (almost) confirmed also in the new film coming to Batgirl, mask that conceals the identity of Barbara Gordon, daughter of Jim Gordon.

There is no two without three according to the Twitter account @MyTimeToShineH, which a few hours ago he wrote with a tweet “Keaton has signed a multi-film deal so he won’t be only in Flash and Batgirl”. The rumor, which bears no source and no official confirmation, however, comes from an insider who often took us on these topics, so it is not a mere rumor.

Michael Keaton is one of the actors who has taken on the role of Batman / Bruce Wayne over time: Appeared in two Tim Burton films (Batman 1989 and Batman: Returns 1992), was later followed by Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. Before him there was Adam West, iconic Batman a bit wacky protagonist of the TV series of the same name and of a film, while Robert Pattinson will soon arrive on the big screen, ready to play a young Batman alongside Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth ) and Jeffrey Wright (Jim Gordon).

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