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Biographical, political and English royalty roles, acting guarantee of the house for Keira Knightley, the skinny, talented and beautiful actress who would begin her career at just six years old, supported by her parents, both actors. Keira, she would start her career in some commercials and video clips, having her film debut at the age of 10. He would soon manage to play a small role within the Star Wars saga which, ironically and in his comparison with Natalie Portman, would help him to attract the attention of some producers, reaching stardom at the hands of Disney and the Black Pearl pirates. at 18 years old.

After a career of more than 60 titles, Keira has managed to consolidate herself within the story of the period and royalty, with two Oscar nominations to date and the prestige of having worked with some important directors, who have been able to prosecute her in some of the best and most remembered romantic stories of the new millennium.

Let’s celebrate the 38 years of the English actress with her 5 Best Films

5 – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Gore Verbinski, 2003)


Very acceptable and entertaining adventure (and the only one in the entire saga) that meant the entry into stardom of the 18-year-old English girl. Verbinski, having a free field in his adaptation, decides to transform the adventure cliché into a pirate ensemble story where all his characters have some kind of interference, which makes the film a display of good rhythm, sequences, music and chemistry between its actors. It is notorious how Keira stands out in the story, showing what a good actress she could be, and what a bad actor Orlando Bloom has always been. Likewise, although Depp is still Depp but dressed as a pirate, it is to the credit of Rush and other secondary players that the film has gained a kind of respect within the genre.

4 – The Imitation Game (Morten Tyldum, 2014)


Very correct performance that served for the actress to demonstrate her tables outside her comfort zone, achieving relevant chemistry with Benedict Cumberbatch, the main banner of the film. Leaving the epic romantic characters to delve into other more dramatic registers and with certain nuances that make her character the focus of a certain tension that the story proposes, Keira manages to stand out in a couple of intense scenes when it comes to sharing the scene with her co-starring, garnering a very fair second Oscar nomination. On the other hand, it seems that from here Keira was ironically affected by her decisions, within an amalgam of stories where she has not been able to stand out again.

3 – Begin Again (John Carney, 2013)


Excellent romantic-musical piece, where Knightley displays another unsuspected talent: his voice. A very successful film at the narrative, visual and auditory level, Carney, as well as the producer co-star of the film in the hands of Mark Ruffalo, captivate the figure of Keira to build a passionate story about music around her. The love to develop is not that between the two characters, but that of her with the music, this being the turning point of the film and the main focus of her decessions. Very tender and honest, the best thing about the film is that it does not fall into manichaeism, manipulation or kitsch, and as a plus, the soundtrack is still beautiful (to highlight the scene of “A step you can’t take back”, interpreted by the Knightley herself).

2 – Atonement (Joe Wright, 2007)


After a marvelous first act, this impossible love story unfolds through the eyes and narration of the perpetrator “Briony”, watching hopefully as her sin fades into the consummation of the romance between her sister and her beloved soldier. But in the third act Oh surprise! A twist as harrowing as it is lavish takes place. Knightley’s merit was having built a real version and a fictitious one towards the eyes of his sister, in a formidable performance with many nuances, which grows in maturity, from adolescent love to adult resignation, as that heartbreaking event is consummated ” secret”. A great and highly undervalued work, one of the best of the romantic genre of recent years.

1 – Pride & Prejudice (Joe Wright, 2005)


Austen’s most adapted work, it is this version that best captures the romantic, intriguing and challenging essence of the novel. The story of the Bennet sisters, whose only desire seems to be finding an aristocratic husband, and Elizabeth, the most intelligent and perceptive of them, who seeks to marry only a suitor with whom love is mutual and not just convenient. The love interest is Mr. Darcy, who at first seems arrogant and proud, but who gradually wins over Lizzy’s heart (and the entire female audience, sighs in between, thanks to one of the scenes under the most remembered rain). With near-perfect production design and gorgeous photography, Wright delivers a very fitting adaptation of the book, loaded with a prodigious performance from Knightley.

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