Keith Richards hates pop and rap: “It was always bullshit”

keith richards He was always known for his sharp reaction when it came to making statements or giving his opinion on various things. The guitarist said this in his last interview for The Telegraph Pop Music “Always Was Bullshit” But “That’s the Point”,

The statements were made within the framework of a conversation where they talked about their artistic present and, above all, the title of the Stones’ upcoming new studio album Hackney Diamonds, ,I don’t want to start complaining about pop music,” Richards said. “It always sucked. i mean, that’s the thing,

Richards added: “They want it to be as cheap and easy as possible, so it always sounds the same; There is very little emotion in it.“. The musician said that, personally, he enjoys music “performed by people playing instruments” and does not like the plastic sound.

Keith Richards. Photo: J. Bouquet/Keith Richards Facebook.

As if that wasn’t enough, Keith also gave his opinion on rap and gave the genre no praise. ,I really don’t like to hear people yelling at me and telling me that this is music, also called rap. I can get enough without even leaving my house.” he concluded.

In related news, The Rolling Stones recently released the first advance single Hackney Diamonds Called “angry”. The song was released with a music video starring Sidney Sweeney. Excitement, On the other hand, they also revealed that they are working on a documentary about the upcoming LP, produced by the same team behind the series. kardashian,

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