Keith Urban spoke about his chaotic past with drugs and alcohol

Country music singer Keith Urban gave an interview to the Sunday Times and touched on his drug addiction. As reported by the New York Post, the interpreter of «Blue Ain’t Your Color» is the husband of Hollywood diva Nicole Kidman, who also helped him in his struggle with vice.

On the other hand, the vocalist said that he is lucky that his musical career is still intact despite his past of lack of control.

According to the media outlet, Keith Urban was in a rehabilitation center in 1998 and almost a decade later, in 2006, he had to go back into the hospital after Kidman insisted that he do so.

“Everyone does what they want to do to have a good time. I just realized that I am allergic to substances. Someone said: ‘Do you have allergies? What happens when you drink? And I said, ‘I start coughing like crazy,’ “acknowledged the Australian artist.

Likewise, he expressed his relief at the idea that his excesses did not affect his creative musical process. “I’m glad nothing has changed in my music. I wrote a lot of hit songs while drunk. I wrote pretty sober too, I feel lucky that it hasn’t defined my creativity,” he said.

“I had to find a different way of being in this world,” he said, referring to the effects of total sobriety on his life and career.

In 2016, he told Rolling Stone that his wife, the “Eyes Wide Shut” star, with whom he shares little 11-year-old Faith and 13-year-old Sunday, had to give him an intervention to deal with his demons.

Also, in September 2021, he spoke with the Australian edition of the music magazine about the chaotic start of his nuptials with the mother of his daughters, which apparently was not a fairy tale.

“It is a miracle that my marriage has survived, because I almost sunk it just in its beginnings,” he mentioned. However, he added that “I woke up spiritually with her. I constantly use the expression ‘I was born into it’, and that’s how I feel. And for the first time in my life, I was able to shake off the chains of addiction.”

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