Ken Block: these are the racing games to remember and commemorate him

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The race games have gained more popularity in recent years, but a key figure in the diffusion of titles of rally it was Ken Blockwhich appeared in various installments such as the Dirt, Need for Speed ​​and even Forza franchises, so the impact of this pilot also reached the video game industry. video game.

Ken Block He died on January 2 due to an accident on his snowmobile, an undoubtedly tragic event that surprised the entire automotive industry, motorsports, celebrities and even in video games, since he was a pilot of rally key to spreading the culture of cars, whether modified or rally racing.

As we previously mentioned, it came out in various race gamesas well as his iconic models in which he made the viral videos of gymkhanaso we show you the titles to remember it as it deserves:



dirt is a franchise race games focused on categories rally and originally Ken Block appeared in the second installment, whose name is dirt 2. You can play his latest installment, Dirt 5, which is present on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox and Windows PC.

Forza Horizon and Motorsport

force horizon 3

In force horizon 3 there was a content pack named as Hoonigan Car Packwhich had various modified models in which Ken Block was behind the wheel in some gymkhana. He was also part of various advertising campaigns for these racing games.

We recommend you try force horizon 5since in that Xbox and Windows PC title you will find some of their cars hoonigan so that you can try them in detail.

need for speed

Need for Speed ​​Payback

Ken Block He was a participant in some campaigns for the race games from need for speedspecifically, in the 2015 delivery of Paybackbecause he appears as a minor character in the game.

This pilot of rally It was also key to spreading the culture of urban motoring, a topic that has been key for need for speed Be one of the most iconic racing game franchises. The last installment is Unboundwhich is for PlayStation, Xbox and Windows PC.

Tribute between gamers

As we mentioned previously, the game of Ken Block strongly impacted the gaming community of racing video gamesso many players of force horizon 5 They paid tribute to this pilot, using their cars to remember him.

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