Kendall Jenner and J Balvin to be jurors for an NFT contest to fight AIDS

Models Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss, musician J Balvin, artist Jeff Koons and filmmaker Baz Luhrmann are among the celebrities who will be part of a panel that will select winning pieces of digital art to be displayed in the upcoming NFT collection, which that is being held. To benefit the Foundation for AIDS Research (AMFAR).

Content creators around the world have until July 9 to submit original digital backgrounds to the panel probability 100A digital voting platform designed to showcase the work of little-known artists to top curators in their field.

Ultimately, 100 wallpapers will be selected from among them and randomly combined with foreground characters already created by AMFAR to form the organization’s first NFT collection. All proceeds from the sale of the collection, which will take place at an as yet unannounced date, will be used to support research related to AIDS.

An example close-up character in amfAR’s first NFT collection. Courtesy: amfAR

Designs submitted to the project will first be reviewed by a public vote on Prospect 100. Finalists for the collection will be selected by the project’s celebrity panel based on originality, meaning and consistency with the project’s characters’ aesthetics. Pre-designed foreground of amfAR.

Participation on the collection’s judging panel marks the first foray into NFTs for some celebrities, if not others. For example, Koons, the highest-paid living artist in the world, launched a First Collection of NFTs Last year. that collection, Moon phasesIt consists of 125 NFTs, each linked to a physical sculpture that will be sent to the Moon later this year via an autonomous lunar lander.

Supermodel Moss released a series of short videos nft In early 2021. Furthermore, Jenner and Elvis director Luhrmann have had no prior public relations with the new blockchain-based medium.

Additional jury members who selected the project’s winning designs included French designer Alexandre “Milinsky” Dallens (also co-founder and CMO of Project 100), Russian model and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova, South Korean DJ and music producer Peggy Gou, American model Elton Mason and Italian streetwear are included. Designer Francesco Ragazzi.

Previously, Prospect 100 hosted a charity contest with the Ukrainian government to support the country’s efforts amid the Russian invasion, and designer Daniel Arsham judged that contest. dalliance told decrypt Each new competition aims to try to raise the stakes with selections from the judging panel.

“Each Prospect 100 panel of judges needed to feel relevant, glamorous and attractive,” she said. “Someone like Jeff Koons definitely brings the feel and relevance we were looking for, while someone like Kate Moss definitely brings that glamorous look that we appreciate as well.”

He highlighted the inclusion of prominent composers such as Balvin and Gau, as well as Luhrmann, whom Delancey said he has known for years but has yet to work with. Delance said of the group, “We are grateful that they have agreed to give us some of their time and likeness to help us raise funds for the noble mission of amfAR.”

decrypt He contacted representatives for Jenner, Moss, Balvin, Koons and Luhrmann, but did not immediately hear back from any of them.

Additional reporting by Andrew Hayward.

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